Production Yield or Field Failure Issues?

Do you have a product that’s been in production or in the field that’s experiencing a decrease in yields or an increase in failures? While these symptoms can point to various manufacturing issues, they may also be the result of inadequate/poor design practices.

When Design Engineers do not take in account PVT (Process, Voltage, Temperature) and environmental variations, products that work flawlessly on the lab bench and through initial & high volume production runs, can start to exhibit failures in the field and yield issues on subsequent production runs. Often times these issues can be resolved with component value/type changes (i.e. utilizing a higher voltage capacitor), hardware modifications (i.e. adding/improving decoupling), or firmware tweaks (i.e. debouncing/filtering). Embedded Genius, Inc. has extensive experience in resolving various field & prototype/production issues. Contact us today with your specifics!

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